Technology & Services Research

Business Process Outsourcing
(David J. Koning, CFA)

  • CardFlight Report (as reported)
  • IPA (Weekly)
  • Payment Bytes (Weekly)

Cloud Software
(William V. Power, CFA)

  • Power Wire (Weekly)

Facility & Industrial Services
(Andrew J. Wittmann, CFA)

  • E&C News & Project Highlights (Weekly)
  • E&C sector update and data review (quarterly)
  • Payrolls (Monthly)
  • Portable Storage Survey (quarterly)
  • Uniform and textile rental survey (quarterly)

Human Capital Technology & Solutions
(Mark S. Marcon, CFA)

  • BLS (Monthly)
  • Human Capital Weekly Observations (Weekly)
  • Labor Market (as reported)

Information & Education Solutions
(Jeff P. Meuler, CFA)

  • Information Solutions Weekly News (Weekly)
  • Mortgage Market Outlook (as reported)

Internet & Interactive Entertainment
(Colin Sebastian)

  • Baird’s Book of Lists (Weekly)
  • Google Trends Momentum Tracker (Weekly)

Security & Infrastructure Software
(Jonathan Ruykhaver, CFA   )

  • Channel Survey (Quarterly)
  • JR’s Zero-Day Bytes (as reported)

Semiconductor Components
(Tristan Gerra)

  • China Mobile (as reported)
  • China Production (as reported)
  • Inventory report (Quarterly)
  • Semi Weekly (Weekly)
  • Taiwan Monthly (Monthly)

Software & SaaS
(Rob Oliver)

  • Industry Reports (as reported)
  • Notes from the Cloud  (as reported)
  • Baird Disruptors (as reported)

Vertical Technology & Mobility
(Joe Vruwink, CFA)

  • Industry Reports (as reported)

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