Publications and Reports

Technology & Services Research

Business Process Outsourcing (David Koning, CFA)

  • Call Center Survey (quarterly)
  • Core Processing Survey (semi-annual)
  • IPA (weekly)
  • Payment Bytes (weekly)

Mobile Media (Will Power, CFA)

  • Power Wire (weekly)

Facility & Industrial Services (Andrew Wittmann, CFA)

  • Uniform Rental Services Industry Survey (quarterly)
  • Cleaning, Hygiene and Sanitation Services Survey (quarterly)
  • Chemicals and Other Consumable Products Survey (quarterly)
  • BLS Labor Market Update (monthly)

Human Capital Technology & Solutions (Mark Marcon)

  • HCS Map (monthly)
  • Employment Report (monthly, first Friday)

Information and Education Solutions (Jeffrey Meuler, CFA)

  • Information Solutions Tidbits

Semiconductor Components (Tristan Gerra)

  • Semiconductor Daily
  • Semiconductor Weekly
  • Semiconductor Components: Taiwan Monthly
  • Tech Supply Chain Inventory Report (Quarterly)

Internet and Interactive Entertainment (Colin Sebastian)

IT Solutions & Networking (Jayson Noland, CFA)

  • Enterprise Hardware Reseller Survey (quarterly)
  • Cisco Networking Reseller Survey (quarterly)
  • RSA IT Security Update and Overview (annual)

Software & SaaS (Steve Ashley)

  • Software & Services Quarterly
  • Autodesk Reseller Quarterly Survey
  • Citrix Partner Quarterly Survey
  • QLIK Partner Quarterly Survey

Tech Tidbits

Baird's Research Coverage List

Investment Strategy Outlook

Portfolio Strategy

  • From Brian F. Rauscher, CFA, Chief Portfolio Strategist
  • Provides strategic overviews of the U.S. equity markets.