Baird Investment Bankers Connect with Industry Experts on the Future in These Sectors

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, Baird is committed to continuing to share insights from our industry experts, as well as those of our valued partners. Here are highlights from recent podcasts.

Business Continuity in the Midst of a Pandemic

 Kristy Obuchowski WallenHost: Kristy Obuchowski Wallen
Director, Baird Global Investment Banking

This interview features David Nolan, the founder of Fusion Risk Management, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for business continuity, integrate risk management, IT disaster recovery, and crisis and indicent management. They discuss what companies are currently doing to ensure continuity and resiliency during the current pandemic – and more importantly, what could prepare companies of all sizes for future challenges and ensure optimal performance in the face of such risk.

Turnaround Insights During the Pandemic

Rhett BraunschweigHost: Rhett Braunschweig

Director, Baird Global Investment Banking

This interview features Brian Whittman, managing director with Alvarez & Marcel, a global consulting firm that provides advisory, business performance improvement and turnaround management services to corporates. At A&M, Brian is a managing director within their Restructuring & Turnaround Group in Chicago. He's also the co-head of the Midwest region. In this summary, Rhett and Brian discuss what firms are currently doing to preserve value – and more importantly, what they're doing to position themselves for the inevitable recovery.

Future of Higher Education – Part I of Our Insights for Investors and Parents

Dan AlfeHost: Dan Alfe

Managing Director, Baird Global Investment Banking

The fallout from COVID-19 is bringing about dramatic changes in the higher education sector that will have hard-hitting implications for businesses, families and futures. Trends around enrollments, tuition and institutions’ financial situations have been accelerated, delayed or forever altered by the current environment. This interview features Vanessa Webb, Co-Head of Oliver Wyman’s Global Education Practice and America’s Private Equity Practice. They discuss the impact of COVID-19 on colleges and universities, the challenges and opportunities for companies providing solutions to these institutions, as well as the future of higher education.

Future of K-12 Education – Part II of Our Insights for Investors and Parents

Jeremy FisterHost: Jeremy Fiser

Director, Baird Global Investment Banking

Baird continues its series of Podcasts with Part II of our discussion with the Education sector experts from Oliver Wyman, Vanessa Webb and Chip Greene, Co-Heads of their Global Education Practice. In this edition, we focus on the K-12 school system and the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on schools, teachers, solution providers and families. They also look as what back-to-school might look like this upcoming Fall.